1. What happens when I make a reservation?

Costumer can easily fill the provided booking and passenger details and choose the offered vehicle category or tours. Once you've completed your booking, the booking and passenger details are sent electronically to the registered e-mail.

2. Which payment options are available?

The costumer can easily fill the necessary variables and choose payment method either full or half price (50%). Then partial payment accepting cash or online pay through driver’s mobile app.

3. What is transfer service?

This transport system includes Pickup and Destination point. It consists of two section one way and round trip. Each different vehicle category has own price.

4. What is driver services?

Driver services section offers you professional driver either hourly or daily options. It is not rent a car service. Vehicles are provided with drivers.

Costumer can order hourly & daily driver service 8 hours before pickup time.

Hourly orders are applicable only in Baku.

Daily driver services average riding is 100 km per day. Each additional km is considered $1.

More than 2 days booking are applicable out of Baku.

5. What is tours service?

Tours service are available only in the territory Azerbaijan which it includes particular tours. Each tours have their own specifications and prices. It depends on the destination and programme. Also, it considers additional cost if you choose extra guide service. The tour programmes are organized well and memorable level by professional tour supervisory.  

6. Which mails do I get?

Firstly, when you will enter passenger details while you are booking you will get registration mail before payment. After payment you will get payment received mail, also known as receive or voucher.

As your request the dispatcher assigned vehicle and driver then you will get order confirmation mail with the booking, passenger, payment and vehicle/driver details.

7. What does the price include for transfer?

The price includes a one-way journey for the route booked. A round trip includes both the arrival and departure journeys for the route booked.

8. What does the price include and exclude for tours?

The price inclusions are transfer, sightseeing tour, entrance tickets fee and guide service (if it is chosen).  The exclusions are accommodation and feeding.

Each tour has their own specification. For more information: http://lets-go.travel/web/tours

9. Can I make a changes to my booking?

Based on Terms and Conditions, you must read ART 4.1. For more information please click the link http://lets-go.travel/web/terms

Modification is accessible only in "manage my booking" part through the order confirmation mail, if you need a change in your booking details either first time, second time or third time.

10. How can I cancel my current booking?

Based on Terms and Conditions, you must read ART 4.1. For more information please click the link http://lets-go.travel/web/terms

Users can easily cancel bookings from the "manage my booking" part through the order confirmation mail.

11. How can I travel with my child?

Making travel easy to our customers we offer baby seat (0-4 years) and booster (4-12) for each category of vehicle.

12. How to book transfer or driver service with child seat/booster?

You can follow the step appropriately and on the passenger details you must enter quantity of child seat/booster.

13. How long would it take to get the refund if I cancel?

Yes, it is possible. When you cancel your booking the refund back on time. The refund strategy depends on terms and conditions. For more information: http://lets-go.travel/web/terms

14After partial payment (50 %) to whom I need to pay additional amount?

It is up to you; you can pay cash to driver or online through the driver’s mobile app.

15. Can I provide transport services for company with my own car? if yes how it will work?

Yes. You can work with your car for company. It depends on your model and year of your vehicle. For more information: http://lets-go.travel/en/web/partners 

16. I have own fleet and how can I work with you?

Yes. You can register your vehicles through the link http://lets-go.travel/en/web/partners 

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