National cuisine of Azerbaijan

National cuisine of Azerbaijan


1. Plov or Pilaf – Being the “leader” dish of ceremonies in Azerbaijani, Plov is prepared from rice covered with various types of herbs, vegetables, meat, and even chestnuts.

2. Dolma - Dolma is a traditional food in Azerbaijan and it has different types prepared by stuffing vine leaves, cabbage leaves, as well as, eggplants, capsicum, and tomato with a mixture of minced meat, rice, fennel, and other local herbs.

3.Kufta Bozbash – You will fall in love with kufta bozbash, one of the signature dishes of Azerbaijan, which is soup made of medium-sized meatballs, peas, and potatoes.  

4.Dushbara – It is a sort of dumplings of dough filled with minced meat and condiments and even after leaving Baku, the taste of dushbara will not leave your mouth. 

5.Kabab – Another most popular food of Azerbaijan, kabab is made of marinated or hopped or minced meat, chicken or fish, and vegetables including pepper, potato, onion, eggplant, and tomato. 



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