Best places to visit in Azerbaijan

Best places to visit in Azerbaijan

Ready for your experience in Azerbaijan? Scroll down for the most visited tourist attractions and make the most of it.


You should start your tour from the Old city. Maiden Tower, Shirvanshah Palace and Juma Mosque should be priority during your walking tour. You will witness not only historical architecture, but handicrafts, such as ceramics, textiles like carpets and traditional Azerbaijani souvenirs and clothes. 

Moving down to the city, you’ll see the fabulous panorama of Baku Seaside Boulevard. The view is just mesmerizing. Moving on, make sure you don’t miss the Flame Towers – three iconic buildings that resemble fire. Night view of three of these buildings is breathtaking.

When in Boulevard, you can enjoy cuisines of different European kitchen. The choice is bigger than you can imagine. You can find Mexican restaurant Maya, Spanish cuisine El Portalon, Italian café Tosca, Bar & Grill, French restaurant L’avenue and of course Azerbaijani famous restaurant Chayki. It’s a great idea to dine in one of these restaurants during your visit in the city.

You should definitely Azerbaijani tea in a traditional style. You can find plenty old-fashioned tea houses in the Seaside Boulevard which offer traditional tea with delicious sweets.

And remember! You can’t leave Baku unless you visit the most unique museums in the country - Haydar Aliyev center constructed by marvelous architect Zaha Hadid and Azerbaijan Carpet museum in the Seaside Boulevard. You will be astounded by the uniqueness of these sights.

You should proceed your travel journey by visiting regions of Azerbaijan. You can’t miss the true beauty and charm of the country.

One of the best-known places in Azerbaijan is Tufandag Resort which is located on the northern edge of Qabala. Tufandag complex is well equipped and can accommodate up to 3,000 people at a time, restaurants, cafeterias, bars and recreation areas, ski school for adults and children, ski equipment rental and repair are operating on the territory of the complex.

Another fantastic resort located in the Greater Caucasus Mountains is Shahdag Mountain Resort complex which is quite famous among citizens of Azerbaijan and foreigners around the world. It is the first and largest ski resort opened in Azerbaijan. The Complex offers the most entertaining Ski activities in the region.

On your way to Shahdag you can pass through Nabran which is a well-known resort in northern Azerbaijan. It’s often called Azerbaijan’s Canada, because of its forests, sunny summers, climate and sea. Evenings is Nabran are fabulous! The area is full of cafes, bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Once in Shahdag, you can book accommodation in a 5-star luxury Pik Palace Hotel, which offers maximum comfort for travelers, couples and families, in general for those who love skiing and winter season. Restaurants, bars and lounges in Palace Hotel provide a variety of unique settings. You’re guaranteed to enjoy your stay.

There are plenty of various hotels and hostels all over Azerbaijan. You won’t have a problem in finding accommodation. Whether you’re in Baku or somewhere in the region, there’s always a place to stay. The choice is various. You can either rent a small room in a village or book a fashionable suit in a luxury hotel in the city and country-side.

These are just 2% of the destinations you can visit during a short stay. Wait till you see Sheki city which is famous for exquisite silks and textiles. The city is famous for castles, mosques, ancient bathhouses from the 18th century. But don’t leave Sheki unless you taste Sheki pakhlava (traditional sweet).

Many visitors love visiting Gobustan National Park which is known to a be very rich archeological monument. This reserve has more than 6,000 rock engravings dating back 5,000-40,000 years.  It’s located 40 miles southwest of Baku city and it’s worth the visit!

To conclude your trip, visit Yanardag to find out why Azerbaijan is called the land of fire. Known as Burning Mountain, Yanardag is one of the top-visited sites in the country. This impressive natural phenomenon is said to inspire fire worship in the Zoroastrianism.

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