Baku is preparing for Winter

Baku is preparing for Winter

One of the fascinating things you should know about Azerbaijan is that it is situated across the footsteps of Caucasus mountains and 9 out of 11 climate zones exist in Azerbaijan. Snow in Baku is a very rare thing. Nevertheless, winter tourism in Azerbaijan has been developing rapidly in the recent years. And when the snow comes, it brings a lot of joy to the citizens.


If you’re planning a visit to Azerbaijan in season of winter, the important question is ‘what to do to enjoy winter in Baku?’ This article will influence you to make the best of your winter vacation in Baku. Winter brings with itself various activities and festivals that honors uniqueness of the season as it lasts from November to March.


First, it’s time to explore Baku Boulevard and enjoy a decent bike ride. You will witness a beautiful panorama while your ride.


You’ve certainly heard many rumors about Azerbaijani cuisine. You should know that they’re not just rumors, but plain reality. During cold winter evening, you just have to taste dushbara (traditional meal of dumplings made of dough and filled with meat), and gurza (lamb dumplings). In winter these meals taste extra delicious.


Everyone anticipates snow just as they wait impatiently for the New Year. Because snow and New Year is a magical period of the year as the city transforms and becomes beautifully decorated. Various holiday fairs are organized in the center. In addition to that, you will benefit from the bazaar which is opened annually in Fountain square that sells different kinds of traditional food, books, decorations and handmade souvenirs. Moreover, you’ll have a chance to taste several meals in the small cafes in the Square that are also opened as part of the New Year organization.


Just next to the Winter park is located Winter Park Hotel Baku. You will love the location as it’s close to the Fountain Square and all the shopping markets in the center. The Hotel also offers a bike hire which will make your visit to the city more entertaining. By hiring a bike, you can explore the theaters, Fountain Square, various parks located nearby.


Moving on, ice-skating in Baku is another popular entertainment among citizens. Located in Park of Officers, Ice Skating Park will make your winter memory cheerful.

And remember! There’s always a good movie you can catch in the cinema during the Oscar season in winter.

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