Why go to Gabala?

Why go to Gabala?

The city of Gabala is located in the north of Azerbaijan in the foothills of the Greater Caucasus. The city has an international airport. You can also get to the city by train or car.

In this article, we decided to talk about the main 5 reasons for visiting Gabala.

  1. Nature in the spring-summer period. The nature in Gabala is amazing. By the way, you can look at the best photos from tourists. The amount of greenery, fresh air, magnificent landscapes - all this will make your soul just enjoy your vacation. The average temperature is kept at 22-26˚C. For each vacationer, there is something different. If you are tired of the mountain scenery, then it's time to go to Lake Nokhur, make a trip to the waterfall 7 Beauties (Yeddi Gözəl) or to the Mysykh waterfall in the village of Laza.
  2. Winter landscapes of Gabala. Winter in Gabala is relatively mild. The temperature can drop to minus zero. There is almost always snow. The foothill landscape changes from green to white. Since 2014, the Tufandag ski complex began to operate. Cable cars lead to the top and overlook the entire city. The cost of admission for the whole day for adults is 20 manat ($ 12) on weekdays and 25 manat ($15) on weekends. For children 15 manat ($9) on weekdays, 20 manat ($12) on weekends.
  3. Historic sites. Gabala was the center of the Kutkashen Sultanate and was part of Caucasian Albania. In this regard, a large number of fortresses and ancient mosques remained on the territory of the modern Gabala region. All these ancient buildings are located in the villages of the Gabala region. In the village of Nij (the largest village in Gabala), where the Udins live, the Chotari Church has been operating since the 17th century. In the village of Bum, historical monuments such as the Juma Mosque (1882) and the Govur fortress of the 18th century have been preserved. On the outskirts of the city are the remains of defensive towers of 9-11 centuries. In the city itself, the Gabala Museum of History and Local Lore operates with more than 12 thousand exhibits. There are ancient manuscripts, books, jugs from the 2nd-1st centuries. BC, a sarcophagus of the 6th century BC, as well as an art gallery, library and exhibition halls. Entrance to the museum is free.
  4. Entertainment in Gabala. The entertainment center in Gabala is the Qəbəland theme park. A sort of Azerbaijani Disneyland. This is a favorite venue for locals and many tourists. The park is located on a total area of ​​about 16 hectares. There are more than 40 different attractions for entertainment and extreme sports. On the territory there is a basketball, volleyball and football court with an hourly fee, as well as a swimming pool and go-karting. Everything is paid using a special card that you buy at the entrance. It costs 2 manats ($1.2). After you load the money on this card and from it all the rides are paid. Every summer, starting in 2009, a musical festival of classical music is held in Gabala. If you will be in the summer in Gabala, do not miss such an event.
  5. Local cuisine. You can’t visit another country or region without tasting local dishes. Food in Gabala is very diverse, plus clean air gives an extra touch of taste. Traditional Azerbaijani cuisine is presented in the form of various pilafs, kebabs, kutabs, dolma, hingali, fish dishes and much more. Be sure to try the local honey, preserves and Gabala baklava “uchgulag” (three ears). In the village of Vandam (this is not the birthplace of Jean-Claude Van Damme) for more than 20 years there has been a market that sells natural fruits and vegetables of local residents. A measure of weights is an ordinary bucket. Therefore, the people call it the Bucket Market. The market is popular with tourists and locals. In addition to all this, you can buy homemade pickles, preserves, honey, stewed fruit, rose water (a drink from rose petals), doshab (condensed juice from grapes, tut or figs), etc. Everything on this market is.

In Gabala, everyone will be able to find something of their own. Rest for every taste and pocket. The most important thing is the trip memories. We hope that they will be only good for you.

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