What to see in Baku?

What to see in Baku?

Baku is called the city of winds. Due to its location on the shore of the Caspian Sea, winds blow almost constantly here. In winter, the winds make you freeze, but in summer they bring at least a little coolness.

In this article, we decided to talk about 10 main reasons to visit this wonderful city. Lets go!

  1. The old city of Icherisheher - a must to visit. The name speaks for itself. This is a fortified city inside Baku. Admission is free and it is better to do it through the gates of Gosh Gala. They will meet you with the ancient coat of arms of Baku in the form of two lions. Inside the old city is the Shirvanshahs palace complex, open-air museums, ancient cannons and catapults. Stroll through the narrow streets and enjoy the spirit of the Middle Ages.
  2. Seaside Boulevard is a good place for walking and relaxing. Fresh sea air, restaurants, attractions and even museums. All in one place and over 16 km. For lovers of boat trips there is a pleasure boat. There is even Little Venice on the Boulevard. You can take a boat and make a couple of circles in the water. In the new part of the Boulevard there is an artificial lake and various museums.
  3. Upland Park - located at a high altitude, which offers excellent views of the Baku Bay. Great place for beautiful photos. You can get here on the good old stairs or on the funicular. True funicular often rests. In addition to the view of the city, the park has many trees and the Martyrs Alley. Entrance to the Alley is free.
  4. Maiden's Tower - is located in part of the Old City. Around this tower there are many rumors and there is still no consensus about its purpose. The tower inside is hollow. In addition to the amazing view from the site, it is worth looking at the structure itself inside. Here you have a mini museum, a well 28 meters deep. In a word, there is something to see.
  5. Heydar Aliyev Center - built by the architect Zaha Hadid. The building is made in white and with elegant flowing lines. Inside the center is divided into museums, a congress center ("Auditorium"), exhibition halls, offices. The center itself received the award for the best building in the world in 2014. In front of the center was built a beautiful park with decorative ponds and a lake.
  6. Central Botanical Garden - was founded in 1934. A large number of trees, plants and shrubs sprouting in Azerbaijan are collected here. In addition to vegetation, there are monuments, ponds and forest parks. The area of ​​the garden is 41 hectares. So there is a walk where. Paid entrance. For an adult 1 manat ($0.6), for schoolchildren and senior citizens 50 kopecks ($0.3). You can stay in the botanical garden until 18:00 in the winter and until 20:00 in the summer.
  7. Ateshgah - temple of fire worshipers. Since 1975, it functions as a museum. It was built in the 17th century. The last fire worshipers in Azerbaijan moved to India. Until now, many Indians come to see this temple on fire. The fire in the temple burns constantly. The entrance cost starts from $3.
  8. Fountain Square - for the common people “Torgovaya” street. This is the central square, loved by both locals and tourists. A large number of fountains, benches, restaurants and of course shops. In the 2000s, various antiques were traded on this street. It will take you 15-20 minutes to complete the entire area. One part of the street faces Boulevard.
  9. How to do without going to the museum? There are various museums in the city. Museums host various exhibitions and presentations. Entrances to most are paid. The most visited are the Carpet Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. The Azerbaijan Carpet Museum is located on the Boulevard, the entrance costs 7 manat ($4.2). The Museum of Modern Art is located on Yusuf Safarov Street, a ticket costs 5 manat ($3) for adults and 2 manat ($1.2) for children. However, in the Old Town (Icherisheher) there is a museum of the Miniature Book, which fell into the Guinness Book of Records and admission there is free. It is open from 11:00 to 17:00 on all days except Thursday.
  10. Baku at night - well, where would it be without him. Night Baku and day Baku are two different cities. With the onset of darkness begins a fairy tale. Almost every building has a backlight and it is really very beautiful. The Fire Towers change images from fire to people waving a flag. There are even special night tours to explore all this mesmerizing beauty. When visiting Baku, be sure to take a walk at night. You will be satisfied with such a walk.

Everyone, whether a tourist or a local resident finds his own Baku. Let a piece of your Baku remain in your heart.

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